HUD Housing Counseling


Outcome Tracker is a HUD Certified CMS (Client Management System) that integrates housing counseling data with your other client programs.  This online platform allows you to manage client data throughout all the phases of your client interactions:

Inquiry → Application/Intake → Services → Outcomes/Impact

The client-centered user interface makes it easy for your users to access all of a client's information and add activities & notes.  Self-service features and messages allow you to efficiently engage with clients via their computer or phone.  Reports provide analysis of your clients, services, and outcomes.  Interfaces exchange data with other systems -- see below for details.

HUD-specific features include:

  • HUD 9902 electronic submission
  • HUD 9902 printed report
  • National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program (NFMC) data collection
  • NFMC reporting export


What makes Outcome Tracker unique as a HUD Certified CMS?


Forget the data silos. Integrate your housing counseling client data with other agency programs.

Client self-service

Clients can inquire, complete applications, sign up for courses, and respond to surveys online.


Create your own fields, forms, tabs, activities, reports, and more. Outcome Tracker adapts to your changing needs.


Networks of agencies can use Outcome Tracker in collaboration to provide secure agency-level and network-level reporting.

Join an upcoming webinar to learn how you can benefit from Outcome Tracker.


Configure Outcome Tracker for your program’s needs

We’ll help you configure Outcome Tracker for your current needs and teach you to adapt Outcome Tracker as your needs grow.  Configure Outcome Tracker for clients, businesses, and more.

  • Add fields & forms
  • Applications
  • Portals
  • Activities
  • Surveys & Assessments
  • Reports

Reach out to clients via their computer or phone

Engage with your clients online. Enable them to enter data for you. Or give them a nudge.

  • Online inquiries
  • Online applications
  • Online surveys
  • Web and mobile portals
  • Self-enrollment & fee payment for classes
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Email messages
  • Text messages

Use data to help tell the story of your impact

Use existing reports or create new ones. You don’t need to be a programmer. We’ll teach you how.

  • Create queries
  • Analyze with Crosstabs
  • Show outcome indicators over time
  • Illustrate with Charts

Exchange data with other organizations and systems

Interface your Outcome Tracker data with other systems to increase effectiveness and eliminate double entry.

  • HUD 9902
  • Emma & Constant Contact
  • Export to spreadsheet (CSV)
  • Import from spreadsheet (CSV)
  • Schedule exports/imports

Keep your confidential data secure

Control who sees your data and limit what they see.

  • Custom user security
  • Externally tested security measures
  • Data stays on your country's soil (US or Canada)

Getting Started

VistaShare works with your project team to build out the Outcome Tracker platform according to your needs, train you how to use the system, and teach you how you can adapt Outcome Tracker as your needs grow.


Your VistaShare trainer will work with you to understand your agency’s needs, including data collection (e.g., applications, surveys), outcome indicators, process flow, and reporting needs.


Your trainer will start with the standard HUD Housing Counseling data entry forms and reports and then, if desired, will add configuration items based on the assessment.


A series of training sessions will teach your team how to use Outcome Tracker day-to-day and how to to adapt the database to meet future requirements. Self-paced tutorials are also used during the training process.

Data Conversion

VistaShare will help you to import your data into Outcome Tracker.

Following the implementation project, the Customer Support Team and the Outcome Tracker Help Desk will help you get the most out of Outcome Tracker.


Outcome Tracker pricing consists of:

Licensing Fee

This one-time fee covers licensing plus initial implementation hours for your organization.

Professional Services

On-site and/or remote training, consulting services, custom report writing, and data conversion services are provided according to your needs.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription includes product enhancements, support, and data hosting/backup/security.

For HUD Housing Counseling programs, VistaShare provides the discounted Outcome Tracker Starter package.  Use the Starter Package model for HUD right out of the box and optionally customize for local needs.

Please contact us for details about the Outcome Tracker Starter Package for HUD Housing Counseling programs.