Service Level

Outcome Tracker Service Level Goals

VistaShare is committed to providing outstanding availability of Outcome Tracker. We recognize your need to access Outcome Tracker whenever you want, and we strive to consistently exceed our service-level goals.

Your Outcome Tracker subscription brings you on-going upgrades and system improvements. To bring you these benefits, we often schedule system maintenance during non-working hours. In case of more extended maintenance and upgrade tasks, we will notify you in advance of any planned downtime when possible.

Outcome Tracker's service-level objective is 99.9% availability excluding planned maintenance periods.

We recognize that you are entrusting us with your critical information. While we securely manage your information for you, it is always your data and your data alone.  You always have the ability to export your data into a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format.  We recognize it is important for you to have the option of retrieving your data when you need it.

If you have any questions about our service level objectives, please contact us at