Asset Building


Outcome Tracker is the industry leader for savings programs like Child Savings Accounts and Individual Development Accounts.  Account management is streamlined, including:OutcomeTrackerMobile_iphoneBlack

  • Import bank accounts & transactions
  • Calculate match based on program rules
  • Apply incentives
  • Manage multiple funding sources
  • Manage multiple program partners
  • AFI & ORR reporting

Client Portals help you communicate directly with savers via their phone, tablet or computer:

  • Account inquiry
  • Online applications
  • Online surveys
  • Online requests
  • File uploads and downloads
  • Videos

Outcome Tracker’s flexibility gives you the power to configure the system for your program’s unique needs:

  • Create your own fields, forms, activities, surveys, reports, and more
  • Manage additional client programs
  • Import/Export data