Optional Modules


All Agencies

The following modules are applicable to any Outcome Tracker user:

Document Storage Attach documents and files to each client. Any file type, such as Word documents, PDF’s, spreadsheets, and scanned files, can be attached to a client’s record.
Spreadsheet Import Utility Import data from spreadsheets. This module is used to convert data during the Outcome Tracker implementation. It is also useful if you periodically receive data from other sources that needs to be uploaded to your database.
Text Messages Send SMS text messages to a client or a selected group of clients. If there is no mobile phone number on the client’s record, the message will be sent by email.


Community & Economic Development

The following modules are available for specific Community and Economic Development reporting needs:

DownHome Loan Integration Synchronize your loan portfolio from DownHome Loan Manager with client outcome data and create integrated reports. Data is synchronized immediately with DownHome Loan Manager Cloud Edition.
MicroTracker & EntrepreneurTracker For agencies participating in the Aspen Institute’s MicroTracker reporting project, the MicroTracker report module produces the performance indicators report and the EntrepreneurTracker outcomes survey.
EDMIS II For Women’s Business Centers and Small Business Development Centers, the EDMIS II module uploads your data to the SBA’s EDMIS II database.
HUD Housing Counseling Outcome Tracker is a HUD Certified CMS. This module is used to create and upload the 9902 report to HUD and to create and export the NFMC (National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling) report.


Asset Building

For Asset Building organizations:

Individual Development Accounts Manage your matched savings program, including automatic matches based on program rules.  Import transactions from the bank and provide online access to clients via a web portal or Outcome Tracker Mobile.
Child Savings Accounts Manage Child Savings Accounts information, including matches and incentives.  Provide online access to families through a web portal or Outcome Tracker Mobile.