We handle the software. We handle the hardware. All you need is an Internet connection. You spend your time doing what you do best: serving your clients.

VistaShare hosts all of the software and data on our database servers. We take care of the technical details. In contrast, a PC-based system requires you to manage servers, network, and system performance. We eliminate this technical requirement, which saves you time and money.

Benefits of Outcome Tracker’s hosted environment include:

Less technical effort needed Computer networking issues are reduced, especially in multi-location programs.
Reduced hardware expense No database server is required. Existing PC’s or Macs need only be powerful enough to access the Internet.
Multi-layered security Outcome Tracker protects your data with layers of security and encryption. Outcome Tracker is HIPAA compliant and has been certified to meet the comprehensive security requirements of multiple states, provinces, and customers.
Immediate access to new features and updates There is no need to update your computer; new features appear immediately for all users.
Disaster Recovery Planning We handle the backup and recovery strategy to ensure your data is safe.

VistaShare provides secure, hosted solutions to a variety of nonprofits. We alleviate the technical hassles so that you can invest your time in serving clients.