OT Mobile


Outcome Tracker Mobile helps you reach clients via their phone or tablet.  You can brand Outcome Tracker Mobile with your agency’s logo and content.  Your clients can view via their phone’s browser, creating a direct line of communication you can use to help deliver services.OutcomeTrackerMobile_iphoneBlack

Outcome Tracker Mobile provides the functions of Outcome Tracker portals, including the ability for a client to:

  • View instructions, welcome messages, or other text
  • Update contact information
  • Complete applications, surveys, and other forms
  • View YouTube videos
  • View account information (IDA and Child Savings)
  • View messages

Outcome Tracker customers who currently have access to Client Portals can view it in their mobile browser.  Customers can participate in a customer webinar.

For agencies interested in a product tour of Outcome Tracker, please join an upcoming product tour webinar.  Click here for a schedule of events.

Communicate directly with your clients using the technology that they carry every day.