Client Self-Service


Outcome Tracker provides new ways to interact with your clients and reduce your staff’s data entry time. Use client portals and forms to communicate with clients and provide new levels of service.

OutcomeTrackerMobile_iphoneBlackClient Portals

Create a portal page where clients can log in and perform tasks.  Communicate directly with clients via their computer, phone or tablet:

  • Online applications
  • Online surveys
  • Online requests
  • Update address and contact info
  • Account inquiry (IDA & Child Savings Accounts)
  • View YouTube videos

Public Access forms

Allow prospective clients to inquire via your web site. A Public Access form establishes their record in your database and notifies you to follow-up.

Self-Service forms (Surveys)

Email clients and invite them to complete a survey (e.g., outcomes survey, client satisfaction survey). Client responses are placed on their record and are immediately available for reporting.