Outcome Tracker’s range of features help nonprofits measure client demographics, services, and outcomes.  The system’s flexibility allows you to configure Outcome Tracker for your agency’s specific needs.  Outcome Tracker’s core features include:

Intake: Demographics and Baselines
  • Online inquiries from your web site
  • Online client intake forms
  • Client roles/programs
  • Configurable lists, such as employment history
  • One-to-one services
  • Training classes and other group services
  • Case management
  • Referrals
  • Follow-up reminders for staff and clients
  • Shared calendars of Outcome Tracker activity enrollments
Other Features
  • Unlimited fields and notes
  • Related names, such as children or client businesses
  • Flexible options to assign security / permissions to users
  • Import data from a spreadsheet
  • Upload and attach documents to client records
  • Communicate directly with clients via their computer, phone or tablet
  • Send messages via text messages or email

Regardless of the demographics, services and outcomes your agency tracks, Outcome Tracker allows you to store and analyze that data and communicate directly with clients.

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