Individual Development Accounts


Outcome Tracker helps Individual Development Accounts (IDA) deliver outstanding service to their matched savings clients.  Flexible match rules, integration with banks, client portals, and the mobile app are a few of the reasons IDA programs work better with Outcome Tracker.

  • All in one place — Comprehensive management of IDA programs, regardless of funder
  • Integrated — IDA data is integrated with other programs your agency offers
  • Flexible — adapt to changing needs
  • Client access — via a web portal
  • Outcomes based — understand your impacts and tell your story to funders
  • Cloud based — securely access your data anywhere
  • Import/Export — import from or export to a spreadsheet file

Outcome Tracker provides two options for Individual Development Accounts:

IDA Basic For single-site IDA programs, this is a lower-cost “out-of-the-box” option
IDA Advanced For IDA programs wanting the full capabilities of Outcome Tracker, including client portals and the mobile app