Asset Building



“Several years ago, the IDA field requested that the next generation of MIS IDA software be web-based. CSD has reviewed Outcome Tracker IDA and believes it is a quality web-based product that can meet the needs of a range of IDA programs, from small to large, private or publicly funded.”

Lissa Johnson
Center for Social Development (CSD)
Washington University
St. Louis, Missouri
“Outcome Tracker has allowed us to be more efficient and run a growing program without adding staff. Its customization feature allows us to conduct research by gathering unique information. Our ability to districtize our participants was highly effective in averting a funding cut at the state legislature. I highly recommend Outcome Tracker to IDA providers.”

Martha D Wunderli
Utah IDA Network
Salt Lake City, Utah
“My colleagues and I are excited about the new functionality Outcome Tracker brings to our asset-building work. Outcome Tracker will enable us to really use the data as we tell our story to our leadership and donors.”

Cassandra Kaufman
United Way of Greater St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
“With OT (as we affectionately call it over here), the ability to easily create queries is invaluable. We are able to analyze our program effectiveness, knit together information to tell compelling stories to funders, and improve our operational procedures.”

Rebeca Potasnik
CASA of Oregon
Sherwood, Oregon
“Outcome Tracker is very user-friendly, and the tech support is just great.”

Anita Brunner
Mountain States Group
Boise, Idaho
“The Alliance for Multicultural Community Services has found Outcome Tracker to be extremely user friendly and easy to learn. Their assistance was invaluable as we added AFI IDA to the ORR IDA program that was in place. Their support staff is excellent and responds to all requests in a timely and professional manner.”

Ferol Beer
Alliance for Multicultural Community Services
Houston, Texas