Social Services



“Outcome Tracker is an excellent tool for managing client information such as demographic data and case notes. The reporting functionality of Outcome Tracker is exceptional in that it allows you to run sophisticated reports on any data that has been entered into the system. The staff at VistaShare have been extremely helpful in supporting the processes of program configuration and training.”

Cynthia Wild
YWCA of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
“Outcome Tracker has revolutionized outcomes reporting for the FaCT Family Resource Center network. Working together with the VistaShare team to refine the system for our purposes was a pleasure. Their extreme responsiveness and ‘out of the box’ creativity was felt throughout their design of our system as they enhanced the core system to achieve a fully integrated system for FaCT. Choosing Outcome Tracker has already paid dividends.”

Mary Ann Soden
Orangewood Children’s Foundation
Orange County, California
“Outcome Tracker is the best database for our residential services. We are so pleased to be able to have a system that we can track everything we need to report on or are curious about for ourselves, funders, community members and stakeholders. This system is easy to teach to staff and extremely functional in our board reports, funding requests and proposal writing requirements.”

Jessica Glimm
Brigantia Place
Camrose Women’s Shelter
Camrose, Alberta
“With Outcome Tracker, the Fairfield Center has the increased capacity, flexibility, and accessibility to manage the breadth of our programs while streamlining reports that keep us informed and demonstrate our impact.”

Timothy Ruebke
Fairfield Center
(formerly Community Mediation Center)
Harrisonburg, Virginia
“Outcome Tracker is flexible enough to grow along with the agencies it supports. Our level of confidence has increased significantly as we seek to gather meaningful data for ourselves, our supporters and our community.”

Alicia Horst
NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center
Harrisonburg, Virginia