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“We researched several data management systems for our HUD Housing Counseling program before choosing VistaShare’s Outcome Tracker. We have been very pleased not only with the management of the HUD-required data but particularly with our ability to add data fields and queries that fit our organization’s goals and needs. The fact that the HUD Housing Counseling module integrates seamlessly with our existing IDA module is a real plus.”

Karama Neal, PhD
Southern Bancorp Community Partners
Little Rock, Arkansas
“WEV became an Outcome Tracker client in 2008 and the system has helped us become much more efficient in managing our client data, particularly in the way it integrates with so many other systems (MicroTracker, EDMIS, Down Home Loan Manager). All of our data-related tasks from entry to reporting are significantly less painless since we started using OT!”

Amy Fletcher
Women’s Economic Ventures
Santa Barbara, California
“Overall, this is the easiest and most comprehensive system I have managed. Support is immediate and staffed with patient, knowledgeable Outcome Tracker experts.”

Nancy McLain
WESST Enterprise Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Through Outcome Tracker, VistaShare has provided a database that is user friendly, yet flexible and customizable enough for us to track a variety of programs. We were able to hit the ground running with Outcome Tracker, have used it to progressively track more and different types of information, and continue to see opportunities for growth. The design has helped us focus, standardize and grow our tracking of client information and outcomes.”

Jolynn Palmbach
Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
With my “new-improved” abilities to revise reports, and our new Loan Assessment Tool (thanks to Tim), we are able to increase capacity and improve our services. I was able to customize some of our reports for individual staff, as well as update input screens, and just make life easier for us…!

Berny Berger
Southwest Initiative Foundation
Hutchinson, Minnesota
“With VistaShare’s Outcome Tracker, WWC finally has a statewide data system that ties together all eighteen sites and provides consistent data across all four program areas. The team at VistaShare is a pleasure to work with – they know the data requirements and they are flexible and professional.”

Eloise Vitelli
Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community
Augusta, Maine
“Outcome Tracker has provided us with the ability to generate and mine data in ways that have given us a clear competitive advantage regarding grants and contract over other non-profits.”

John Woodard
Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless
Arlington, Virginia
“Outcome Tracker is fantastic. It is very user friendly and it is incredibly easy to create reports. Customer support is always there and willing to help.”

Erica Strachan
Mercy Corps Northwest
Portland, Oregon
“Outcome Tracker is an excellent product that makes program evaluation and reporting much easier.”

S. Casaro Dietert
Community Services Agency of the
Metropolitan Washington Council,
Washington, DC