Community & Economic Development


Outcome Tracker provides power and flexibility for a variety of Community & Economic Development nonprofits, including:

Outcome Tracker provides a full range of features to manage clients, businesses, and outcomes.  Optional modules provide specific features for economic development reporting, loan integration, and HUD housing counseling reporting.

Community & Economic Development Modules

The following modules are available for specific Community and Economic Development needs:

DownHome Loan Integration Synchronize your loan portfolio from DownHome Loan Manager with client outcome data and create integrated reports.
MicroTracker & EntrepreneurTracker
For agencies participating in the Aspen Institute’s MicroTracker reporting project, the MicroTracker report module produces the performance indicators report and the EntrepreneurTracker outcomes survey.
EDMIS II For Women’s Business Centers and Small Business Development Centers, the EDMIS II module uploads your data to the SBA’s EDMIS II database.
HUD Housing Counseling Outcome Tracker is a HUD Certified CMS. This module is used to create and upload the 9902 report to HUD and to create and export the NFMC (National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling) report.

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