Mission & Values

VistaShare Mission Statement

VistaShare provides technology products and services to strengthen non-profit organizations that serve people and communities. Our mission is to provide information systems that enable our customers to serve their constituents and communities more efficiently and effectively.


VistaShare Values Statement

Honor God

All that we say and do is meant to honor God. We commit to being honest and ethical. We commit to being good stewards of the resources we manage.

Serve People

We commit to honor everyone we encounter in our daily work, including:

  • Associates. We strive to serve our associates by providing meaningful work in a positive environment. We strive to provide opportunities for professional growth, service, and balance with other life priorities.
  • Customers. We strive to serve our customers with respect, friendliness, and competence.
  • Partners and Vendors. We strive to create positive relationships and interactions with each person and organization we encounter.
  • Community. We strive to impact our community by providing time, expertise, and financial resources to worthy causes.


Provide Excellent Products & Services

We will do our best to serve others with excellent products and services. We will continually work to improve our product and service quality.


Make a Profit

We strive to create the profitability needed for VistaShare’s long-term survival and growth. We will forego a larger profit when necessary in order to meet our other values.