IDA Comparison


IDA Basic & Advanced comparison

IDA Basic IDA Advanced
IDA Funders, Projects, and Accounts X X
IDA applications X X
IDA outcomes tracking X X
Multiple program types X X
Account deposits, interest/fees, withdrawals, matches X X
Upload bank statements electronically X X
Distribute matching fund interest to IDA accounts X X
Track IDA General Financial & Asset-specific Training X X
IDA standard reports, including AFI X X
ORR reports, including Community Impact Report X X
Outcome reports: changes over time X X
Import AFI2 or MIS IDA data X X
Export data for use by other programs X X
Multiple collaborative partner agencies X
Ability to add unlimited fields X
Ability to add unlimited client roles X
Customizable user permissions X
Import data from a spreadsheet X
Client self-service via portal and/or iPhone/Android app X
Online applications X
Online outcome surveys X
View IDA statement online X
Submit address/contact info change online X
Submit withdrawal requests online X
Data conversion from AFI2, MIS IDA, and other sources X
User canĀ create custom reports X
Manage other non-IDA programs X