Outcomes Star

Outcomes Star - Approved Software System Provider logo 72DPI largeOutcome Tracker is an approved software system for Outcomes Star, a leading client assessment system from Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise.  VistaShare provides three options to nonprofit agencies:

  • Outcomes Star Basic.  Allows an agency to track and report on Outcomes Star assessments for their clients.
  • Outcomes Star Basic Plus:  Includes the features of Outcomes Star Basic and adds the ability to create custom reports and to import data from spreadsheets.
  • Outcome Tracker (full package).  Integrates Outcomes Star assessments with other client data.  Provides the flexibility to track multiple programs and customize for local needs.

VistaShare works with Broadview Applied Research to deliver Outcomes Star management in Canada.  Outcomes Star data is stored in Quebec for Canadian nonprofits and in Virginia for US nonprofits.

For more information about managing Outcomes Star in Outcome Tracker, please contact us.

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