IDA Advanced


IDA programs with multiple sites or more complex data needs can select Outcome Tracker IDA Advanced. IDA Advanced provides everything listed in IDA Basic plus the following:

Configurable and Scalable

  • Multiple collaborative partner agencies
  • Multiple account types (e.g., AFI, ORR, Youth)
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Import data from a spreadsheet
  • Data conversion from AFI2, MIS IDA, and other sources
  • User canĀ create custom reports
  • Manage other non-IDA programs
Client self-service via portal and/or iPhone/Android app

  • Online applications
  • Online outcome surveys
  • View IDA statement online
  • Change contact info online
  • Request a withdrawal on-line
  • View a video


IDA Advanced provides Outcome Tracker’s wide array of customization options for the user, including:

  • Create unlimited fields, forms and tabs
  • Create client roles and profiles
  • Create relationships
  • Create custom reports

Users and Permissions

IDA Advanced provides five (5) users per customer and provides standard security groups for permissions. Security groups may also be customized to limit a user’s permissions based on the client role, tabs/functions, and fields. For example, limit a user to see only clients from one collaborative partner.

Data Conversion

IDA Advanced optionally includes a standard conversion of data from AFI2 or MIS IDA into Outcome Tracker. The data conversion can include customized conversion from multiple data sources if needed.

Implementation Training

Computer-based training is coupled with individualized training and optional on-site consultation. A project manager works with the customer through the entire implementation process.