Starter Package for HUD Housing Counseling


VistaShare offers the Outcome Tracker Starter Package for HUD Housing Counseling programs:

  • License fee:  $500
  • Single-site reporting to HUD
  • Single-program implementation of Outcome Tracker (HUD Housing Counseling program only)

The initial license includes:

  • All of the features of Outcome Tracker or Outcome Tracker Basic for HUD Housing Counseling users
  • Five (5) hours of training / consulting
  • Self-paced learning through recorded tutorials

Additional services can be purchased on an hourly basis for additional training, consulting, or data conversion.  For most Housing Counseling agencies, the monthly subscription for the Starter Package is $340/month for Outcome Tracker (includes 5 users) or $280/month for Outcome Tracker Basic (includes 3 users).

Please contact us for details!