Starter Package for EDMIS


VistaShare offers the Outcome Tracker Starter Package for Women’s Business Centers.  The Starter package provides an “off-the-shelf” EDMIS option for smaller WBC’s:

  • License fee:  $500 *
  • Single-site reporting to EDMIS
  • Low configuration / customization needs
  • Single-program implementation (WBC/EDMIS only)

The initial license includes:

  • All of the features of Outcome Tracker or Outcome Tracker Basic for EDMIS users
  • Five (5) hours of training / consulting
  • Self-paced learning through recorded tutorials

Additional services can be purchased on an hourly basis for additional training, consulting, or data conversion.  The monthly subscription for the Starter Package, which include 5 user accounts, is $340/month for Outcome Tracker and $300/month for Outcome Tracker Basic.

For more information about the Outcome Tracker Starter Package, please contact us!


* Note:  License fee for the Starter Package is waived for members of

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