About VistaShare

vsharelogo_small.jpgIn 1994, Dave Smucker’s MBA studies in economic development led to an internship with a microenterprise development network in Pennsylvania.  Several years after that internship, the organization contacted Dave for help in finding a client management database.  The search was unsuccessful and the idea for VistaShare was born.  Dave, Daryl Myers, and Chris Kratz founded VistaShare in 2001 and began to create Outcome Tracker for nonprofit agencies.

Initial Outcome Tracker customers were primarily nonprofits in the economic development field.  Due to the flexibility of the product, use of Outcome Tracker soon expanded to social service agencies.  In 2006, VistaShare added components for asset building programs and quickly became an industry leader for matched savings programs (Individual Development Accounts and Child Savings Accounts).

VistaShare is a privately held LLC based in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.