New Ways to Communicate with Clients

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | By

Looking for ways to remind your clients about an upcoming event, a workshop they may be interested in, or that they need to make a deposit in their matched savings account this month? Outcome Tracker now allows users to send texts and/or emails to those you’re working with. As CFED explains, there is an art and a science to the reminder:

Reminders are helpful for overcoming prospective memory failures — failures that occur when people forget to do planned actions. But why do some reminders work, and some fail? We have found that when reminders fail, it is often for one of the following three reasons: (1) the wrong action was prompted, (2) the reminder was not specific or (3) the reminder came at the wrong time.

Communication is key, and texts and emails are additional tools you can utilize to overcome ‘behavioral bottlenecks’ and nudge them toward the desired outcome.



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